Salutations, seems you have found the secret access to a new life, once you've seen this you're one step closer to being blessed by the sun. Now before you proceed you must take pledge. It's a simple one really! Once you go to the next step it will be the point of no return. When you get blessed by the sun you can never leave the SUN-LuX CULT, you will be apart of this forever. Even after death! After you leave your mortal vessel and your soul is wandering the universe you will still be apart of this faction. Take your time to gather your thoughts together and repeat after me... 

"I solemnly swear to praise the sun each and every day, during rainy weathers I will learn to appreciate sunny days. I pledge to be a better version of myself, I will think freely, be an independent thinker, follow my own goals, be a respectable human being, push myself physically and mentally. Regardless of any bad days I will be positive, it will make me appreciate the better days. As a SUN-LuX CULT member I will thrive to put my all in everything I do and accomplish all my goals in spite of whatever the challenge may be. I will show resolve when I face dangers, I will show compassion towards my human brethren, and when I see injustice I will step in to assess the situation. That being said I will be apart of the betterment for humankind and my goal is to reach a sun-beamed nirvana once my life goals are complete."

Once you said your pledge, remember you have sworn to secrecy and can't tell no one about this. for the next step click the link provided below.